PPOWER (Pragmatic, Prehospital, Group O Whole Blood Early Resuscitation Trial) - PROPOSED STUDY

Despite advances in the care of patient who suffer life-threatening injuries, few early interventions are available that reduce death and disability from bleeding and shock. Time is critical in the treatment of severe bleeding, but patients may deteriorated during transport to a location where surgery or other bleeding control can happen.  One intervention that could prevent worsening during this time would be to give patients a blood product that contains all essential hemostatic components.  This would prevent shock and correct problems with blood clotting that ofen occur with trauma. 

This trial will examine whether administering whole blood in ambulances and during the initial evaluation in the hospital to patients in hemorrhagic shock (uncontrolled bleeding) who are being rapidly transported to the hospital, is better than usual care (administering intravenous fluids or no fluids in the ambulance, and blood products in the hospital).

Adult patients with severe injuries that usually require transfusion of blood products will be enrolled in this trial, unless the treating team knows that the patient does not want any blood products.   If you want to be excluded from participation in this trial, please contact us. 


Meghan Buck
PPOWER Assistant Project Manager
(P) 855.730.8140