Continuous Chest Compression Trial Begins in Pittsburgh Region

January 29, 2012

The Continuous Chest Compression trial has been approved by local Institutional Review Boards and regulatory bodies.  Surveys and meetings with members of the community indicate support for this trial.  Local paramedics and first responders will begin comparing two types of CPR in February 2012.  

In one type of CPR, uninterrupted chest compressions are performed. In the other type of CPR, a pause occures after every 30 chest compressions to deliver breaths.  These two styles of CPR are used by different EMS agencies around the country but have not been compared with each other.

All participants receive 100% oxygen and all other resuscitation treatments.  Each rescue unit (ambulance or fire apparatus) will perform a one particular protocol, and CPR style will be determined by which rescuers arrive first to a patient.  This means that rescuers do not need to think about which protocol to follow, but will simply follow their assigned protocol.  

This study is sponsored by the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium.