We promote research to improve emergency medical care.  Improving emergency care requires a partnership between the community, emergency medical providers (first responders, paramedics, physicians, nurses, and others), and investigators.  Sharing of information and communication between these partners is essential.

This website highlights research and studies in Western Pennsylvania, but will also cover global issues and topics in acute care.

Acute Care Research

Acute Care Research tests promising new treatments for unexpected and sudden life-threatening situations

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Local investigators study new treatments and advanced emergency medicine techniques to help save the lives of people in need of emergency care

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Partners & Supporters

Partners and supporters helping Acute Care Research to advance emergency medicine to save lives

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FDA and OHRP Regulations

Further information regarding the legal and ethical guidelines for research in unexpected and sudden life-threatening situations

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Studies about Research in Emergency Situations

Studies and commentaries about doing research in situations when usual informed consent is impossible

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